Garage Door Opener Introduction

Overhead garage doors need to be fitted with an opener, which is there for your comfort and convenience. The purpose of these openers is to provide an automatic power to push and pull the garage door up and down without our manual intervention.

Recognize Your Opener

Screw Drive Opener
Chain Drive Opener
Belt Drive Overhead Garage Opener
Jackshaft Opener Installation

Screw Drive: These openers are connected to the trolley, using a long screw-type rod fitted inside the track. Although they are weather resistant and noisy, they are low-cost and affordable.
Chain Driven: Using a bicycle-style chain, which is connected to a trolley, these openers are extremely reliable and are quite common to be installed indoors.
Belt Driven: These openers are similar to the Chain Driven ones mentioned earlier; these are reliable and quieter compared to the aforementioned ones.
Jackshaft: These openers are wall-mounted at the end side of the torsion bar; they are known for being almost noiseless, elegant and a perfect choice for most garages, especially ones which are smaller in size.

Security Features

For security purposes, make sure to choose an opener device with automatic door lock, mobile alerts when the door is open, motion detection and a battery backup.

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