Introduction to Garage Door Springs

The weight of garage doors can be between 80 and 250 lbs – this requires the need for springs to balance the weight and provide a level movement. It is important to use quality, durable springs which are an essential part for it to be able to handle the door’s weight.

Recognize Your Spring(s)

There are two main types of springs which are used in garage doors.
Extension Springs: These springs extend when the door is lifted, that provides a counterbalance to the door’s weight. These kinds of springs need a perfect one to one match in order to properly work and balance the door, making it crucial for quality work and parts.

Torsion Springs: The Torsion Springs twist inside to create torque, which in return is used to lift the weight of the door. While installing these kinds of springs, their size needs to be precisely measured and calculated to fit the door perfectly.

What Defines Its Quality

Garage door springs are made of thick metallic wires, shaped in a coil. The constant movement of the coil wares it out, weakening it after long-term use. The lifetime for the coil directly depends on the type of materials used – high-quality certified material increases the life of the coil. Lower-quality material tends to break more easily and does so sooner than better quality coils. The need for good materials is important when working with garage doors.

Safety Risks

Replacing garage door springs is a dangerous process for both the technician and the user. The garage door spring need to be accurately measured to be strong enough to support the massive weight of the garage door, and installed correctly to prevent any incidents in the future.
The installation process causing a massive tension on the springs, and when you’re dealing with such a high-pressure work, you need to be cautious and follow all necessary guidelines. It is important to install garage door springs correctly; doing otherwise, may result in serious injuries while installing, or later on when using the door.

We abide by our safety processes and guidelines which help us complete every task with maximum security, leaving you to worry free and safe. Your peace of mind and safety is of great value to us, and we provide good care of our products.

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